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Immigration Tbilisi Georgia

About Georgia

map The country of Georgia, or as we say in Georgian, “Sakartvelo”, is known for its wine, cuisine, natural beauty, safety, hospitable people, and, most importantly, the favorable investment opportunities. Georgia is situated in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Georgia is an electric mix of cultures with a strong national identity, which creates the perfect environment for anything from vacation to expatriation. The Georgian language is one of the world’s fourteen unique languages, and Georgia was the first place in human history to produce wine. As we say here in Tbilisi, “Europe starts here”.


Georgia is a rapidly developing country with very low levels of crime and corruption. According to the Numbeo report (2023), Georgia is one of the safest country in the world.

Residence Permit of Georgia

id card Residence permit authorizes the right of a foreign citizen to enter and stay in Georgia or transit the territory of Georgia during the term of validity of residence permit. It also authorizes a holder to invite another foreigner to Georgia.

We help foreigners to prepare and file documents for the following residence permits:

  • Temporary/Working residence permit is issued to persons coming to Georgia for entrepreneurial or labour activities;
  • Permanent (Investment) residence permit is issued to a foreign citizen who invested at least 300 000 US dollars in Georgia. this provision is prescribed in the Law of Georgia on Promotion and Guarantees of investment. in such cases, residence permits are also issued to the investor’s family members, which include a spouse, underage children and/or fully dependent incapacitated person;
  • Short-term residence permit is issued to the person – and his/her family members – who, according to the rule established by Georgian legislation have the right to immovable property (except for agricultural land), with the market price above 100 000 US dollars;
  • Tax residency is issued to a foreign citizen (high net worth individual) without living in Georgia for 185 days, in case the value of his/her worldwide property exceeds 3 000 000 GEL (around 1 200 000 USD) or his/her annual income has exceeded 200 000 GEL (during the last three years). Also the High Net Worth Individual should have Georgian residence permit or his/her Georgian sourced income should exceed 25 000 GEL during a single year.

Citizenship of Georgia – Second Passport

Is it possible to be granted with citizenship of Georgia?

YES, by a decision of the President of Georgia, a citizen of foreign country may be granted with the citizenship of Georgia.

We help foreign investors who seeks a Second Passport (dual citizenship) to prepare and submit documents for citizenship of Georgia.

Which are Visa Free Countries for Citizens of Georgia?

As of May 2023, Georgian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 125 countries and territories, which includes 22 EU member countries, 4 non-member states and 5 Schengen candidate countries: 

The EU member countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Greece, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, and Czech Republic. 

Non-member countries: Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Schengen candidates: Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus, Romania and Croatia.

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